Saturday, December 3, 2016

Netgalley Review: Everybody loves Ramen

Everybody Loves Ramen is the perfect gift for a high school graduate, college student, single friend living on a tight budget, or anyone who remembers the days when a package of ramen was haute cuisine.

As a college student, Eric Hites learned just how far he could stretch a dollar by combining a package of ramen noodles with some odd ingredients out of his nearly bare kitchen cupboards and a little imagination. Living on a tight budget, Hites and his friends spent many nights of fun, laughter, and experimentation figuring out how they could concoct original, cheap yet tasty meals from the only food they could truly afford: ramen noodles.

My Review:

This book is made up of four things: Recipes, magazine-style games, stories from people who have strong ramen memories, and ramen fun facts.

I appreciate that the ramen recipes stay true to the spirit of ramen: they're all cheap and most of the ingredients can be stored without a refrigerator. But what really sets this book apart from other college recipe books is the crosswords and word searches that you can fill out while those noodles are boiling. There are also little areas where you can fill out your experience making each recipe,
I like Ramen, but I don't need a ramen diary. 
Overall, this was a cute and well thought out little recipe book. And for ten bucks, why not? It has a good two months of recipes in it. 

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