Monday, September 19, 2016

NetGalley Review: Man, I hate Cursive

No one does comics like Jim Benton. His creativity and artistry have led to the monster success of It's Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary, and his standalone strips have topped Reddit's comics section for years.

Jim Benton's first cartoon collection was nominated for an Eisner. This new volume collects more of Jim's most popular strips from Reddit, shining a light on talking animals, relationships, fart jokes, and death. From whimsical to cutting, from gross to poignant, Benton's grasp of the form is on full and hilarious display.

My Review:

First, Jim Benton has created some great stuff. I don't know a single kid in Middle School who didn't like his work:

But this particular collection of images is way too short and not nearly good enough to justify charging fourteen dollars for it. If I saw this book in the impulse section of a grocery store for five dollars, I'd probably get it as a gift for someone who I have to pretend to like but don't really like at all. The few that I did think were funny, I can reblog off of tumblr for free.
Benton had a good run for a while there. But I feel like he might be starting to fizzle out. 

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